Intercom & PA

SKA Technology installs systems ranging from simple door answering units to sophisticated video entry systems. We also supply microprocessor-based commercial systems which can cater to many complex applications. With over 30 standard systems, we will create the ideal security system for your premises.

Commercial Application

Allows a person at the Receiving station to speak hands free while the person at the Master station can selectively call and talk with a person at any other sub or master station in the system. Incoming calls from a sub or door station sound a tone and light an LED.

Residential Application

Residents can view and speak with visitors, then unlock the lobby door from their home. Security, convenience and peace of mind for all tenants in the building.

Government & Other Application

Master-To-Sub Intercom System is the ideal solution for large open voice installations designed for communication with remote locations or to each elevator in a building. It is the first choice for schools, warehouses, parking garages, hospitals and retirement houses.