Fiber Optic Transmission

Transmit high quality uncompressed digital video, audio, data and alarm over a single fibre. Skatech supplies an extensive range of advanced fiber-optic transmission systems for professional security, video and industrial applications. Fiber optic transmission gives you higher performance and can deliver sharper images over longer distances. It also avoids problems caused by electrical interference.

OT Systems

OT Systems


OT Systems specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-quality, value-based fiber optic transmission devices.

Optical Systems Design

Optical Systems Design



Optical Systems Design (OSD) is providing cost effective communication systems solutions based on optical fiber technology. OSD products are used in a broad range of markets including:

*Transportation – Highways, Railways, Subway and Light Rail, Busways, City Traffic Control, Tunnels

*Security – Safe City Systems, Prisons, Detention Centres, Courts, Casinos, Industrial and Commercial

*Defence – Tactical Data Systems, Shipboard Communications, Specialised Systems

*Broadcast – CATV Stations, TV Stations, Outside Broadcast

*Telecommunications – Mobile Base Stations, 3G/4G/5G Backhaul, WiFi Deployment