Guard Tour System

Power Check 3002 - GT7041

PowerCheck Guard Tour System is the next generation of security officer technology. It is a favorite in education, corrections, hospitality and elsewhere because of its functionality, reporting flexibility and ease of use. It is designed to prevent costly losses such as vandalism, theft, corporate espionage and damaging accidents throughout your facility.

This system allows you to make sure your officers are making the rounds and will provide you with back-up documentation. PowerCheck gives you the most functional and effortless security guard tour system your money can buy. Best of all, Morse Watchmans offers you industry-leading warranties and exclusive lifetime support for the PowerCheck Guard Tour System.

GuardiX Data Log

Features and benefit :

* easy to use and handle

* high impact resistant

* extremely rebust with IP65 protection

* wireless data transfer via bleutooth

*secure data collection via RFID technology 

* highly encrypted management software 

* long battery lifespan

* zero maintenance

Guardus G3

The Guardus G3 (commonly referred to as a “wand” by users) is an advanced tour system reader and data collection tool. The job of the Guardus G3 is to collect data from tour checkpoints using iButton technology. The basic concept behind a tour system is to strategically position checkpoints along a tour route, the guard or staff member performing the tour then places the Guardus G3 on the checkpoint recording that it has been passed by, the information recorded is then downloaded to the tour system software were reports and information collected are available.

The easiest and only intelligent reader on the market To use the Guardus G3 simply touch the head against any iButton, the task of attending to a checkpoint is now completed. When the tour is due to start, the Guardus G3 can tell you; if an error was made in the tour, the Guardus G3 will notify you; if a supervisor needs to verify the last tour was completed successfully, the Guardus G3 will tell you; if the battery is getting low, the Guardus G3 will tell you – simply intelligent!