Jacques range of Help Point Units (HPUs) are user-friendly, reliable, robust IP call points, specifically designed for environments where public safety is important. The HPUs, as part of a Jacques IP integrated Communication System, offer one or two button calling systems, which connect to central control once the call button is pressed. Available with emergency or dual emergency and information buttons, the units are ideally suited to applications where assistance may be required in addition to emergency calling. On board configurable relays can be utilised to control lighting, duress alarms, CCTV or gate controls common within public safety and transport environments.

Help Point Units can easily be integrated into existing, shared or dedicated networks and connect directly into any Ethernet port. Units can automatically dial any master station on the network or be directed to a SIP enabled device/telephone system.


Help Point Gallagher Integration

The Jacques to Gallagher HLI allows the Jacques Integrated Communication System (650 series) to integrate into Gallagher Command Centre. The High Level Interface has provided integration of intercom systems, the functionality, related alarms and events all supported through Gallagher Command Centre graphical user interface. The HLI also allows for the forwarding of calls to other intercom units, placing calls on hold, ending calls and initiating calls.

Help Point Avigilon Integration

The Jacques to Avigilon HLI allows the Jacques Integrated Communication System (650 series) to integrate into the Avigilon Control Center Software. This integration allows alarms in the Avigilon Control Center to be triggered whenever an intercom event is activated in the Jacques System, and to record audio communication from the Jacques system with video from a camera connected to the Avigilon system. The integration enables tags associated with Jacques intercom devices to be linked to specific Avigilon alarm actions and be recorded with the associated video.


Organisations responsible for public safety, need trouble-free mass communication options providing message distribution to large and busy crowds in the case of an emergency – fire, accident, riot. Jacques IP PA system with its flexibility to expand to an unlimited number of PA zones ensures the management of public safety announcements is effortless. The system has the added ability to monitor and interrogate the system for faults via the network. If an amplifier on the network fails, the system will report the failure allowing for timely maintenance and repair. Importantly, the integrity of the entire PA system is not affected allowing for broadcasts to continue to all other zones on the network, ensuring ultimate public safety.



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