Core Switch

A core switch, also known as a tandem switch and a backbone switch, is a high-capacity switch positioned in the physical core, or backbone, of a network. In a public Wide Area Network (WAN) a core switch serves to interconnect edge switches, which are positioned at the network edge. In a Local Area Network (LAN), a core switch serves to interconnect workgroup switches, relatively low capacity switches that serve groups of workers in geographic clusters.

A core switch is a high-capacity switch generally positioned within the backbone or physical core of a network. Core switches serve as the gateway to a wide area network (WAN) or the Internet - they provide the final aggregation point for the network and allow multiple aggregation modules to work together.

Aruba Core Switch 5400R Series

Modular performance and power for the campus and branch

Powerful Layer 3 modular switch series that delivers high-performance, low latency and resiliency for the most demanding campus and branch networks.

Using a powerful Aruba ASIC to deliver wire-speed classification and policy enforcement, the 5400R brings enterprise-class resiliency with innovative flexibility and scalability.

No matter how devices connect, Aruba Dynamic Segmentation automatically enforces consistent policies across the wired and wireless networks, to keep traffic secure and separate.

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PERFORMANCE, SCALE AND HIGH AVAILABILITY Is your enterprise network ready to quickly and securely support new IoT devices, powerful enough to handle new traffic loads and smart enough to help IT more efficiently operate, manage and secure your data and users?

Be prepared to deliver the digital experiences of the future with the Aruba CX 6400 Switch Series – a modern, flexible and intelligent family of high availability modular switches ideal for use from the edge access to the core and into the data center. A powerful distributed architecture supports scalable, non-blocking performance that future-proofs your network for tomorrow’s unpredictable demands. Versatile 5 and 10 slot chassis’ support speeds of up to 100GbE, high power 60W PoE, multi-gigabit Ethernet, and redundant management, power and fans for a highly available network that’s always on.