Thermal Human Temperature Measurement Solution

An infrared camera produces thermal images or heat pictures that display even the smallest temperature differences. Human body temperature is a complex phenomenon. Humans are homeothermic; they radiate heat, which must be lost to the environment to control their internal temperature. The interface between that heat production and the environment is the skin. This dynamic organ is constantly adjusting the optimum balance between the physiologic demands of the body and external environmental conditions. Infrared thermography provides a visual map of skin temperatures in real time. In addition, IR cameras are very sensitive devices. Digital Thermal Measuring Solution can identify temperature differences as small as 0.3 °C.

Fast Thermal Measurement Solution

Thermal Solution has been applied in some local business complexes, banks, company parks, and other places. To enable a safe and smooth working environment, quite a few major corporations have been using the technology at their headquarters and subsidiaries to help improve safety. Our Thermal Solution can measures the body temperature of employees, capable of handling thousands of staff flow every day. Compared to the traditional way of body temperature measurement – a forehead thermometer, Our Thermal Solution can significantly improve speed and accuracy, and at the same time, help reduce cross-infection via non-contact measurement. To measure the temperature of 5,000 people, it will consume roughly 4.2 hours using a forehead thermometer, as it takes at least 3 seconds to measure each person. However, according to the company, it would take only 30 minutes when using a proper Thermal Capturing Solution, which measures 3 persons per second. It also features a high accuracy of ±0.3℃ .



• Complete system solution

• Miniature, continuous operation on-line thermal imagers

• Certified temperature calibration source

• Simple installation

• Remote control from a PC using proven, dedicated imaging software

• Extensive thermal image processing capability

• Alarm functions

• Information exchange with other applications using DDE and OLE, such as Microsoft Office or LabView


The thermal imaging system provides a thermographic image of human body temperatures (typically the face) at a distance and comparing it with that of an extremely precise blackbody calibration source at high speed - 30 frames per second - to provide a highly accurate measurement of body temperature. Thermal imaging is a fast non-intrusive, non-contact means of detecting temperature radiance differences. Our thermal imaging system, utilising a certified calibrated source, provides unparallel accuracy compared to other imaging camera techniques.

High Accuracy & Proof

Proof that infrared thermography works.

The purpose of IR screening is to differentiate people who are well from those who have a fever, not to measure absolute body temperatures. The absolute error measured on both the threshold values and the subjects who are screened will be the same, as long as the camera temperature is stable. In practice, infrared cameras with the Ambient Temperature Compensator (ATC) feature can be quickly installed and used immediately: After setup, these ATC cameras measure the skin temperature of the first group of scanned subjects and then calculate an average. An alarm is automatically configured to go off when a measured temperature reaches that average plus 2 °C. To allow for changing ambient conditions, a moving average is used as additional subjects are screened.





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